About Us


One Step is a non-profit fitness community tackling mental health issues with a simple movement....running. 

One Step was founded off the back of the One Wave organisation. It is a way for people to connect to one another, have real conversations and create a sense of purpose in themselves. Depression and anxiety can effect anyone, and One Step wants to help by encouraging us all to tie up our shoes and get out the door. It doesn’t matter how fast, slow, fit, or unfit you are, you are welcome into our community.


Mental Health is unfortunately a forever-growing issue.


People need people. And people need a purpose. 


Exercise and community give you just that.


We are open to all abilities of walkers, jogger and runners. 

We have friendly One Step leaders to help you build your fitness as well as learn how to clear your mind. 


Be part of a community that gives you back just as much as you give them.


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