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Lydia is a competitive athlete and a running coach who believes in the power of mindful movement. To Lydia, no matter how far or fast you can run, it doesn't matter, it is about putting one foot in front of the other to gain confidence in your purpose in life. Lydia coaches athletes from beginner runners to elite competitors and loves working with young people , to guide them along the walks (and runs) of life.

Lydia has spent the last five years working in a corporate environment, putting in many hours behind a desk where she witnessed the negative impacts from the pressures that global companies put on their people. She left her corporate job to focus on what she loves. Getting people moving to gain confidence in themselves and live a more fulfilled and happy life.

Lydia is a leader of the Auckland One Step community .

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Richie Hardcore is a board member at White Ribbon New Zealand, Ministry of Social Development 'It's Not Ok’ Champion, working to end men's violence against women. He is an educator and public speaker, focusing on exploring masculinity and ending rape culture, sexual and family violence.

He also speaks passionately about mental health and wellness, and as a former alcohol and drug harm reduction community worker, on how we can address AOD issues in our society. He was a radio host at Auckland’s 95bfm for 15 years, conducting interviews with politicians, personalities and musicians alike, as well as DJing music. He also was a rotating host of NewsTalk ZB's mental health talk back radio show ‘The Nutters Club', and today is a regular feature on shows such as TVNZ breakfast as a social commentator. A retired former multiple Muay Thai Champion, with over 25 years in martial arts, Richie is now a trainer, having helped some of New Zealand's most accomplished fighters achieve their goals.

Richie is a leader at the Auckland One Step community.



Becca has just graduated as a Health and Physical education teacher, living in Hawkes Bay. Becca has played various sports while growing up in the bay and has a huge passion for running, keeping fit and healthy. Becca has found how fitness can add value to so many areas of your life. Through running she has found it can improve our mental health and our energy levels. The burst of endorphins she gets after running helps her put her mind at ease.

Becca has competed in half marathons, this year slicing ten minutes off her PB. She aims to train and work hard over summer towards her next goal, completing the Hawkes Bay Marathon next year in May.

Becca wants to encourage and motivate others through running, to keep a positive outlook on life and improve our mind health. She swears by healthy body, healthy mind.

Julia is a leader at the Hawkes Bay One Step community.

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Julia is a young, energetic runner and student who is passionate about mental health and loves the endorphins that come with running. Julia grew up in Darfield, playing various sports and is now at Lincoln University studying.

Julia has trained for and completed the Half Marathon distance and is now in training for her first Full Marathon.

If Julia is struggling with motivation she reminds herself how good she will feel after exercising and she will strive for this feeling throughout the run.

Julia is a leader at the Christchurch One Step community.

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Berrie is a super mum. She is currently raising her one year old daughter, and working as a nurse in Taupo. Berrie loves long distance running and is passionate about spreading the secret of how beneficial running is for our mental health.

Berrie has suffered from her own mental health battles in the past and has had first-hand experience with running being the tool to aid recovery.

Berrie is a friendly and welcoming runner who would love to have you along to the Taupo One Step community.

Berrie is a leader at the Taupo One Step community.

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Hannah is a Kiwi living in Sydney. She is a believer in movement benefiting mental health - helping you set goals, achieve them and grow. Mental health is something close to Hannah’s heart having known those affected and been affected herself. Hannah is passionate about connecting people through running.

Hannah is an ultra marathoner and in constantly reminded just how much you can achieve when you start putting one foot in front of the other. Running has given her so many friendships that she can’t wait to see others create amazing relationships with themselves and others.

Hannah is a leader at the Sydney One Step community.

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A born and raised Sydney local, Annabel leads an active lifestyle with a passion for constant growth through her love for building genuine connections and sharing bucket-loads of energy. Annabel LOVES to run. She runs for the mental clarity, the enjoyment of flying solo and the camaraderie of running alongside mates old and new.

After a few too many concussions from going too hard, too fast on the ski slopes; Annabel has learnt that it’s 100% okay not be okay, all-day everyday. Whether it’s through her own training or supporting others on their running journeys, Annabel focuses on movement as a way to dig deep and achieve a sense of accomplishment - no matter how fast or far the run.

Currently studying Exercise & Sports Science, Annabel is all about encouraging everyone to find their healthiest self by spreading awareness and kicking off conversations about mental health.

Annabel is a leader at the Sydney One Step community.




Ruth Grannell is an Irish Nurse living in Melbourne, Australia. Ruth is passionate about running, taking it up at the start of 2017 when she migrated down under. Ruth believes in the magic of running miles for our mental health and understands the huge umbrella that mental health has on our lives.

With only just over 18 months of running experience under her belt, Ruth has already run a half marathon and is passionate about spreading the positive message that running has had on her life.

Ruth is the leader of the Melbourne One Step community.

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Originally from Christchurch but now based in Cambridge, Rachael graduated from Otago University in 2013 with a bachelor of Physical Education. Being fit and healthy is hugely important to Rachael.

After spending years in competitive sport she is now beginning to understand and enjoy a healthy balance between exercise and life. Running has always been a mental struggle, but that amazing sense of achievement and rush of endorphins you get after a run is what gets Rachael out the door.

Rachael has completed a few half marathons but is about to start training for her first full marathon in Christchurch in June!

Rachael is a leader at the Cambridge One Step community.




Nicola is a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer, who is passionate about food and fitness. Nicola recently moved to Whanganui from Auckland.

Nicola has been on her own mental health journey and always turned to health and fitness to overcome her challenges. Nicola has loved running for the endorphins, achieving goals and the freedom that comes with the sport. She is keen to spread her passion to her community and get people moving.

Nicola has completed numerous 10km and half marathon races, and is in training for her 4th Half Marathon this year.

Nicola is a leader at the Whanganui One Step community.




Phillippa has recently completed her human nutrition and sport and exercise degree at Massey University is Palmerston North. She been a runner her whole life and has completed a few half marathons in the past 2 years. Phillippa enjoys always having a running goal in mind to keep her motivated and to give her something to work towards. Phillippa has also played netball over the years and enjoy team sports.

Phillippa is an advocate for the idea of getting a community together and being able to share the passion we have for running to support our mental health.

Phillippa is the leader at the New Plymouth One Step Community.




Georgi has recently completed a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Canterbury and has now returned home to Palmerston North where she is working.

Georgi has always had a strong passion for sport. In particular, Georgi has been playing hockey since she was 5 and is still playing now. Through her hockey career she has played representative hockey for her region but now just plays club hockey at a high level. Georgi has always been aware and interested in her own personal fitness and health including working part time as a trainer at 9 Round kickboxing while at university. Keeping active and fit is a way for Georgi to clear her head and reflect. She believes it is essential for a good mind set and wants to inspire others to feel the same.

Georgi is the leader of the Palmerston North One Step community.




Seana is young and passionate about exercise. She is still currently studying and on her last year studying Bachelor of Creative Media. While growing up in Palmerston North she has played various sports that she enjoyed.

She wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to encourage other to be more active to support a well rounded lifestyle and positive mental health.

Seana is the leader of the Palmerston North One Step community.




Anneke has been in an international triathlete, racing for NZ for the last few years. She loves the outdoors and being active.

Anneke is starting out as a triathlon coach whilst supporting her Spanish husband and World Class Triathlete as he races around the world.

Anneke studies sports science and graphic design but is the happiest when outside training and working with other positive people to keep them moving and always striving towards their goals. She is super passionate and believes that at any level being active and putting one step, one arm stroke or one pedal stroke in front of the other will definitely have a positive influence on your mental health, relationships, careers and every aspect of life.

Anneke is the leader of the Mt Maunganui One Step Community.




Annabelle has recently completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Lincoln University and is now studying a Graduate Diploma in Secondary School teaching at Waikato.

Annabelle has always been passionate about sport, and in particular running. Running for Annabelle is a way to clear her head and focus on herself. She believes that keeping active has been a key to a good frame of mind and is keen to share her secret with others through One Step.

Annabelle is the leader of the Hamilton One Step Community.

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Lucy is a running enthusiast. Lucy has completed several half marathons and one Mara (QT Full 2017) thus far.

Lucy lives and works in Queenstown but originates from Darfield and Christchurch. She studied at Otago University for 5 years. Whilst at university Lucy ran as a way to de-stress and to deal with her own mental health struggles, she found that getting outdoors and going for a jog would clear her head and worked as medicine for her mind.

Lucy is the leader of the Queenstown One Step Community.




Grace is currently studying Medicine at the University of Otago. Completing her first running race in 2015, Grace has fallen in love with trail running and has set a goal of completing the Kepler Challenge in the future.

Grace is a huge believer in exercising being a preventative tool for mental illness. She is a huge fan of holistic health and believes that it is becoming more important in the realm of conventional medicine - making sure people are eating well, exercising and looking after their spiritual and mental health. Grace is keen to spread this message and encourage as many people as possible to join communities that support one another to be mentally and physically healthy.

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Keely has recently returned from an 18 month trip travelling and working throughout Europe, South America and Asia. She was involved in a lot of sports during her time at Lincoln Uni and during her time overseas she started her running journey. Keely completed 4 half marathons in Europe last year, including the Great North run alongside 50,000 other runners which was one of the highlights of her trip.

Whilst travelling she worked as a carer and it was during this time running became a great way to clear her head whilst staying fit at the same time. Now back in Southland, working at DairyNZ she is continuing with her running and is currently training for the Hawkes Bay Half Marathon. Since starting running it has become a passion and one she would love to share with others, along with creating awareness around the way running can help with increasing peoples wellbeing.




For Casey running is a place of escape, an instant pick-me-up, the perfect excuse to get outdoors - running is freedom.

Casey started running from a young age, although it wasn’t until her teenage years that she began to realise how fundamental physical activity is to her wellbeing.

Casey’s love of running led her to complete a Bachelor of Physical Education at Otago University, and through her studies, develop a keen interest in clinical exercise prescription and preventative health. Working in the fitness industry fuelled Casey’s desire to help others and led her to incredible people, from all walks of life.

One Step Wellington is a community where people can come together, talk about mental health, and celebrate growth and movement in all forms.

Casey is the leader of the Wellington One Step Community.




Originally from Southland Moira moved to Wellington to study a Bachelor of Architecture. Moira has always been active and competed in sports at a high level. She rowed competitively for most of her life and used running as a mode of cross training.

After spending so much time in competitive sport, Moira found it challenging to bridge university and training. That's when a realisation came that she loved running not only because it gets you places faster but it en-captures personal achievement, it gets you outside, takes you to new places and helps to break personal barriers.

Also, the fact that running can be shared with ANYONE is what Moira loves about the sport, it is such a universal activity that crosses so many avenues from mental well-being to health and fitness.

Moira is a huge advocate for exercise being a tool for mental health and she would love to encourage the use of running as this tool with more people.

Moira is the leader of the Wellington One Step Community.

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Bridget is a positive, keen runner who has recently returned to her hometown, New Plymouth after studying design in Wellington.

She is passionate about people and getting outdoors. Bridget is currently training to meet the fitness requirements for the NZ Police and Defence Force. Bridget loves team sports especially football and netball.

Bridget believes being involved in the community and moving your body can be life changing for your overall wellbeing. She loves the feeling after completing a run and wants to be a positive influence to those around her.

Bridget is the leader of the Wellington One Step Community.




Georgia is a keen athlete and mental health advocate from Brisbane.

After recently relocating to Canberra to study at the Australian National University she has found a passion for running.

While Georgia is no fitness guru, she loves the freedom of running. She loves that it doesn't matter where you are or who you're with, you can always run.

She is hoping to run her first half marathon in the next 6 months and wants to encourage others to get out and get fit!

Georgia is a leader of the Canberra One Step community.




Renee is a dietitian from Brisbane who recently moved to Perth for a job, so she understands how difficult yet important it is to create a sense of community. Mental health is something she is passionate about professionally and close to her heart personally. Renee credits distance running (along with a terrible/awesome sense of humour, depending on who is asked!) for helping her through some of the darkest days and believes that running can help people appreciate their bodies for what they can do, rather than what they look like.

One of Renee’s favourite quotes is “Running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of you that wants to stop, and the part of you that wants to keep going”. This is because when she faces challenges in life, she can remind herself of all the times during a long run she wanted to give up, but pushed on. Renee recognises that “doing your best” changes on a daily basis, both in running and in life- some days you run new distances at faster speeds, and some days it’s a struggle to put one foot in front of the other.

Renee is the leader of the One Step Perth community.




Hailey recently graduated from the University of Michigan with an engineering degree and now works in the Chicago area as a construction project manager. Hailey played many sports growing up but quickly got out of the habit of regularly exercising when starting college. After a tough first year of engineering school, she was struggling to stay positive about her studies and was the most out of shape she had ever been in her life. During her sophomore year, she discovered running through two of her best friends and was hooked after her first half marathon.

Five years and six marathons later, Hailey always makes sure there is time in her schedule for running because she feels it is a key component to keeping her happy. She is always advocating that her friends and family use running or other exercise to help themselves feel better not only physically but also mentally. She is so excited about encouraging the larger community in Chicago to get moving to improve their mental health through One Step.

Hailey is the leader of the Chicago One Step Community.